TDSP Delivery Charges

These are the Delivery Charges of your Transmission and Distribution Service Provider (TDSP). These charges are total amounts assessed by a TDSP for the delivery of electricity to a customer over poles and wires and other TDSP facilities not including discretionary charge. Actual Delivery Charges are passed through without mark-up from Discount Power.

Delivery Charges are approved by the Public Utility Commission of Texas and apply to all residential customers, serviced by the TDSP, regardless of who their retail electricity provider is. The Delivery Charges are displayed under a separate section on your bill under the description “Delivery Charges” so it's easy find them.

Certain TDSP charges are billed based on your billing cycle, and some are billed on a usage basis (per kilowatt hour). For this reason, the total Delivery Charges amount will vary each billing cycle depending on your billing cycle's kilowatt-hour usage. Value excludes COVID-19 Electricity Relief Program rider. See the table below for an itemized listing of the detailed charges that make up Delivery Charges in your area.