Average Billing Status
Not Enrolled
Not Eligible for Average Billing
This account is currently not eligible for Average Billing. please call us at 1-877-455-4674 or via email on the Customer Care page, with any questions or for additional information. Please note that accounts that are past due are not eligible for Average Billing.
Discount Power Average Billing
What is Average Billing?
Average Billing helps you manage your monthly electricity budget by allowing you to pay an averaged amount every month.
How is the Average Billing amount determined?
  1. We simply add your current amount to your previous 11 months bill amounts for your service address, if available.
  2. We then take the total and divide the amount by 12 or by the total months available for your service address.
  3. Each month we will track your Deferred Balance*.
What is a Deferred Balance*?
The Deferred Balance amount is any difference between your monthly Average Billing amount and your actual bill. If you are a new Average Billing customer the Deferred Balance will begin in the 2nd month. The Deferred Balance Amount can be found on your Discount Power monthly bill.
How do I make a payment toward my deferred balance?
In order to make a payment towards your deferred balance, all bill payments must be up-to-date and there cannot be any additional balance on the account from average billing. Customers cannot be on a Deferred Payment Plan (DPP).
Customers need to notify the Discount Power customer care team that they intend to apply a payment directly to the deferred balance — this is also true of customers on an AutoPay plan, who will need to call the customer care team and let them know they will be paying a higher amount on their next payment, which includes the bill payment and payment towards the deferred balance.
What will my bill look like if I sign-up for the Average Billing program?
Each month, you will be invoiced for the "Average Billing amount." Your monthly invoice will also show your actual usage, current price and any Deferred Balance.
I recently signed up for Average Billing, when will it start?
After processing your request, we will notify you of your expected payment amount via email or by mail at your billing address. You will begin to see the new payment amount on your next one to two bills.
What happens if I close my Discount Power account?
Any credit balance will be applied to your final bill or refunded to you; any outstanding deferred balance will be due at that time.
What happens if I decide to cancel Average Billing?
If you remain with Discount Power, your accumulated deferred balance will become due in full on your next invoice or payment arrangements can be made. If you leave Discount Power, your accumulated deferred balance will become due in full immediately. If you have a credit due, that amount will be applied to your final bill with any remaining amount refunded afterward.
What is the most common reason a customer is declined for Average Billing?
The most common reason people are declined for Average Billing is because they have a past due balance on their Discount Power account. If you had a past due balance at the time you submitted your application, you will need to pay your past due balance before we can initiate Average Billing.
If a customer is past due can they still apply for Average Billing?
Yes, however the customer must first pay the past due amount. Once the payment for the past due balance has been posted, the customer can re-apply for Average Billing.