Put Your Pennies to Work
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Save on electricity for your small business
If you run a small business, you’re no stranger to pinching pennies. With Discount Power for small businesses, getting a low electricity price has never been easier. We simply have some of the lowest prices around, so you can put your pennies to better use.
Things you can do with your electricity savings
Reinvest them into your business - A new piece of equipment. A slick sign for the front. A TV for the break room. It’s always nice to upgrade your business, especially when it makes you more competitive.
Offer customer incentives - Special deals can be a great way to bring in new customers and increase volume. Savings from low electricity rates can give you the extra wiggle room you need to offer specials and discounts.
Build up your rainy day fund - Even the best-run businesses run into hiccups. What better way is there to insulate yourself from rough patches than to have a bit of cash socked away to help you weather the storm?
Do some marketing - It doesn’t have to be anything crazy. Maybe an ad in the local paper or some web banners online. The important thing is to raise awareness and boost your sales.