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Discount Power FAQs

We’re making changes! We’re getting a new name and a new logo. Pennywise Power will become Discount Power. Although we’re changing our look, you won’t notice a thing when it comes to affordable, dependable electricity service and expert customer care.

Questions? We have answers.

Check out the most commonly asked questions from customers.

Q: Why are you changing the company name to Discount Power?

A: We believe the name is more representative of the competitively priced electricity service we offer.

Q: Will I experience any interruption in my electricity service?

A: No. The changing of the company name will not cause a service interruption. Nothing is changing when it comes to how we deliver dependable electricity service.

Q: I am enrolled on automatic bill payment with my bank.  Am I required to alert them regarding the name change?

A: Yes, you will need to alert your bank. You will need to change your bank payment set up to Discount Power from Pennywise.

Q: When is the name change official?

A: We expect to have the change in place by April 2019.

Q: What changes should I expect?

A: The company name will change to Discount Power, along with the logo (see above). In addition, there will be a new Web Address:

Q: Is there anything changing with my account or service?

A: No. Your current plan (and terms of agreement), account number, billing cycle and online account management login information, convenient account services and our contact information (phone number & mailing address) will all stay the same.

Q: Will there be changes to how I receive my bill?

A: No. Your preferred bill method and any written or online communications will all come in the same form. The only difference will be that it comes from Discount Power (and not Pennywise Power).